Website Management

blogFoxGuard and CCS Blog

I served as one of the primary managers for the FoxGuard and CCS corporate blogs. I collaborated with Engineers and Product Managers to craft the blog articles that were both technical and cultural focused. The goal of the blog was to increase brand awareness, as well as position the company as an industry thought leader.

One of my main duties was to work with the blog author from conception to final draft, to proof read, assist with copywriting, and create the landing pages. Blog articles were published bi-weekly and included rich keywords to improve SEO rankings.

Skills Demonstrated: Content Development, Social Media Marketing.

Tools Used: Expression Engine CMS, Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


FoxGuard Social Media Pages

social media

Manage 5 social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for FoxGuard and it’s parent company CCS-Inc.

Collate content on a daily basis, and schedule weekly postings that include industry hot topics, job opportunities, company blog articles and white papers, and promote current campaigns.

Through constant postings and engagement, I helped FoxGuard increase it’s Twitter followers from 89 to 313 followers within a four month period.

Skills Demonstrated: Content Development, Social Media Marketing.

Tools Used: Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google Alerts.


ICS websiteICSUPDATE Website

I worked with the Program Manager, to develop a wire-frame for the microsite that would guide visitors through the site. The ultimate goal of the website, was to educate visitors about the jointly-funded DOE program, as well as to get visitors to fill out a contact form.

My role for this project included creating graphical content, building out the individual landing pages, creating a blog channel, and maintaining content updates for the site.

Skills Demonstrated: Graphic Design, Copywriting, Content Development, Web Development.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, WordPress.