Research & Strategy

Customer value matrix 2Customer Value Matrix

I researched J.A. King’s top market industries and determined top 4 job titles that were considered “decision makers” for potential purchases. I conducted brief phone surveys to a sample group of job titles, asking them to take a quick survey.

The goal was to use information gathered to determine what each job title found most valuable when making a purchase. I identified J.A. Kings core offerings and gave each a ranking of 1-4, based on it’s importance to each job title. This information was then translated into a Customer Value Matrix

Using this research, I created “sales kits” for the Account Managers to use when meeting with potential new customers. Each sales kit was developed to target a specific job title, and included information that was relevant to their industry.

Skills Demonstrated: Market Research, Business Development.

Tools Used: Hoovers, Microsoft Word, Constant Contact.

KanbanKanban Process

Implemented virtual Kanban process to streamline marketing intake requests. The goal was to track how much time was spent on open projects. This process helped increase department efficiency by 25%.

Skills Demonstrated: Project Management, Process Implementation.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Trello Project Management.