Digital & Print Media

PSA picture 2PSA pictureProduct Launch Campaign

Collaborated with Product Manager and R&D team to determine key product features and benefits. Working with the Product Manager, we developed a product launch calendar which included all tasks that needed to be completed before the launch. We assigned task owners and determined deadlines for each.

My role solely focused on the Marketing aspect, including creating and distributing press releases, creating product spotlight email blasts and conducting A/B tests, developing print and digital data PSA launch 1sheets, launching a Google AdWords campaign to direct traffic to the product landing page, promoting the product on social media, and also working with the Sales team to create online product demos. I also collaborated with video production team to create a product spotlight video, writing multiple scrip drafts and selecting a voice over personality.

To measure campaign success, I used Google Analytics to track campaign metrics and the overall success of the email blasts and PPC campaigns. I then shared the information with the Product Manager and R&D team for future product improvements.

Skills Demonstrated: Copywriting, Content Development, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, & Illustrator, Google AdWords.


Email-Newsletter June 2012Email-Newsletter September 2012Corporate Newsletters

I managed the online distribution of the monthly corporate newsletter, to a CRM database of over 13,000 contacts.

I Collaborated with engineering department to develop a spotlight video, showcasing latest custom developed solution. I later worked with a video production company to write the scripts and go on-site to shoot and capture some imagery for each video.

I would track newsletter success using Constant Contact analytics, as well as using Netsuite CRM information to determine the open rates, click through rates, and if someone was very interested and filled out a contact form, I would forward their information to a regional Account Manager to engage them further.

Skills Demonstrated: Email Marketing, Copywriting, Video Production.

Tools Used: Constant Contact CRM, Adobe Photoshop.


PSA spotlightProduct Spotlight Email Blast

For any new product or product update, I would develop a product spotlight email, to distribute to CRM contacts. The goal of each email was to raise awareness and drive lead generation for the product.

I would craft 4 different A/B test emails to distribute, testing subject lines as well as call to action buttons. Based on which email was the most successful, I would then take the same copy and implement it on the product’s landing page to drive more traffic and product interest.

When deploying the email, I segmented the distribution list by type of industry, to later determine which industry had the most interest, highest open and click through rates, and which had the highest rate of filling out a contact form.

Skills Demonstrated: Email Marketing, Copywriting.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Core Motives, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.