Brand GuidelinesCorporate Brand Guidelines

I worked with the Operations, Sales, R&D, and production teams to develop standards for the 2015 corporate brand guidelines. The goal of the brand guideline was to streamline the use of logos and overall look over all departments, so that FoxGuard had a consistent branded look both internally and externally.

My role was to draft the first guideline and work with multiple departments to get feedback, as well as to determine processes for each department to follow to CD SleevePocket folderimplement the brand guidelines. The guidelines included standards on using the company name, multiple logo variations and their individual uses, official corporate colors and secondary colors, typography, photography and iconography usage, business card templates, and official corporate email signatures.

Once finalized, I worked with the compliance department to implement the brand guidelines in FoxGuard’s document management system, as well as created an annual brand guidelines test that each employee must take and pass. The test consisted of multiple choice questions from the brand guidelines such as “what is FoxGuard’s official font?”. The goal of these tests was to ensure that each employee kept up to date on the corporate brand guidelines.

Skills Demonstrated: Branding, Content Development, Corporate Policy.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint.