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“Mariana is not only a talented marketer, but also a reliable teammate. Her strengths lie in her analytical and creative nature, allowing her to excel in increasing social media engagement and conducting market research. Mariana is full of great ideas, and is not afraid to speak her mind and go against the grain. She is able to manage multiple projects at once, and meet deadlines as promised. Mariana would be a valuable addition to any marketing team. ”

 — Jamie Kuhn, Marketing Communications Specialist, FoxGuard Solutions


“Mariana and I worked together for a number of years, first as classmates in our undergraduate marketing program, and later as co-workers running the marketing show for a small business when we were fresh out of school. In that time I got to know Mariana well. Her creativity and her ability to think critically about a problem to find alternative solutions made her and a valuable member of my team. Additionally, her ability to manage and execute on a wide variety of concurrent yet disparate projects makes her an excellent addition to any team.

 — Daniel Englebretson, Marketing Manager, JA King & Company


Mariana has been a great addition to the J.A. King Family. Her dedication and attention to detail shine through in every project in which she involved. She turns challenges (of which there are many!) into opportunities, and her positive attitude is infectious. She is great team player and does her best to bring new and inventive ideas to the table. Mariana is not afraid to speak her mind, and she does so with honesty and integrity” 

— Jason Jensen, Global Inside Sales Specialist, JA King & Company


I have worked with Mariana on several projects and her work is always very professional. She is not only creative, but a great team member and able to “roll with the punches” when things don’t go perfectly. She is someone I can count on.”

— Lorelei Elkins, Program Coordinator, Triad Air Awareness at Forsyth County


Mariana is a professional and courteous person. She is a pleasure to work with and always brings fresh, exciting ideas to normally mundane/routine work activities and meetings. She relates well to others yet maintains a unique perspective. Mariana is energetic and motivated—she pulls her weight in the agency as well as helps others when needed.”

— Kyle Laird, Mobility and Systems Planner, Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation